Does my Francis Francis Need Repair?

There are several signs that point toward your machine needing repair: not heating, not creating steam, bad tasting espresso, and tripping the GFI outlet.

In order to best determine whether you machine needs repair, first refer to its manual to insure that you are using the machine as directed. Most manuals for machines can be found on our Help page. Check to see if there are any solutions in the troubleshooting section, and if necessary, call illy’s consumer line at 877-469-4559 to see if they can provide any troubleshooting help.

If your machine is a model with a clock or temperature gauge on the front, please be aware that those are purely cosmetic and do not affect the machine's function. We can repair them though!

But what if I just bought my machine?

Sapori Fine Flavors only handles machines after their original warranty has expired. If your machine is still in its original warranty period, please contact illy at 877-854-4141 or email them directly at

Where can I get my Francis Francis espresso machine repaired?

Sapori Fine Flavors is the only authorized, non-warranty repair center in the United States. We are located in Portland, Oregon.

Is there a local repair center near me?

Yes, if you live near Portland, Oregon. We are the only authorized non-warranty repair center in the US.  

Can I deliver my machine myself?

Yes, if you live near us, we always recommend you carry your baby in. Anytime it doesn't have to go through shipping companies, the better chance it has of avoiding damage. Plus, if we don't have to ship it back to you, we can save you some money.

How should I ship my machine? Is the original box good to ship in? Do you provide boxes in which to ship machines?

For most models, the original box may be sufficient.  For models with plastic bodies, such as the X6 or X7, the original boxes are not usually adequate.  If you do use the original box, we suggest placing it in another box with additional cushioning on all sides. Regardless of the model, please make sure that your machine does not rattle around in the box when shaken and that it does not hit the outside of the box. Several layers of bubble wrap surrounding the machine AND packaging peanuts to cushion at least a couple inches on each side of the machine are suggested. We like to see how you're making your espresso, so please be sure to include all parts of your Francis Francis: portafilter handle, water reservoir, and drip tray, all wrapped to prevent rubbing the machine. Be sure to insure it for transit.

Sapori does not provide boxes to ship your machine.

What is included in the $120 Basic Diagnostic Fee?

The $120 Basic Diagnostic Fee is our base fee and includes diagnostic, a half hour of labor, a parts allotment, and return shipping. This may be enough to repair your machine. Additional charges are most often for parts although, occasionally, extra labor does run at $75 per hour.

Can I get an estimate for the repairs before I send in my machine?

We may be able to come up with a rough estimate for your repairs based on your description of symptoms, but we cannot guarantee any estimate provided without seeing the machine. We can tell you that roughly a third of the machines we receive are repairable for the Basic Diagnostic Fee of $120; another third of machines repaired falls within the $120-160 range; and occasionally some machines do require repairs that put them over the $200 mark.

Do you clean machines or repair paint?

We do not perform any cleaning of machines outside of what effects performance. Nor are we able to repair paint chips on machines. For exterior cleaning, we suggest using a mild cleaner such as Windex.

Do you check over everything in the machine?

Yes, we do! We try to replace any parts that may need replacing in the near future, and each machine is tested to ensure it performs within Francis Francis parameters. In addition, each machine must pass a sensitive electronics test to verify it passes UL safety standards.

How is my FF machine shipped back to me?

After your machine is repaired and shipped back to you, you will receive an email with a tracking number.Your machine will ship back to you FedEx Ground insured. We always insure machines for their return trip so FedEx does require a signature for delivery. 

What is the turnaround time?

It certainly depends on how many machines we have in repair. Although not guaranteed, we do our best to get your machine on its way back to you within 15 business days of receiving it. Please keep in mind, transit time to us and back to you may extend your machine's rejuvenation vacation 4-6 weeks. We will always communicate any significant delays.

What happens if the cost to repair my machine is too expensive?

If you choose to not repair you machine and abandon it with us, you will be billed $65 for the diagnostics performed. If you would like your machine returned to you without repairs completed, the cost is $90 for the diagnostics and return shipping. If we do find that your machine's repair costs are too high, and you are interested in purchasing a refurbished machine from us rather than repairing it, we will waive the $65 diagnostic fee with the purchase of a refurbished machine.

Is my machine worth repairing?

Yes!  If the body is in good shape with no rust, then repairs are very worthwhile. Older models and all colors are still very much in demand although they have been discontinued for a while now.  We regularly see machines that are 10-12 years old, and we hope to send them back to you to use for many more years.

I purchased a 220 volt Francis Francis machine when I lived abroad. Do you work on those too?

Unfortunately, we cannot repair 220V machines. Our equipment simply doesn't work with that voltage nor do we have the corresponding parts.

I am not in the US. Where can I get parts or service?

Please contact illy USA directly for service or parts outside of the US. They will be able to point you in the right direction. For service and parts in Canada, please contact Gold Roast Coffee based in Ontario. For inquiries regarding parts and service in other parts of the world, please contact illy USA directly at 877-469-4559.

I never sent in my machines when I requested a work order months ago. Can I use the same number and finally get it sent in?

Yes. Your work order number remains open until you've gone through the repair process.

Who is Sapori Fine Flavors?

We are the local area distributor of illy products since 1996 and have been working with Francis Francis machines since their inception. As illy's official non-warranty repair for FF since 2010, we take great pride in these machines and the great coffee they make. You can usually find us gathered around our own office espresso machine.

Now what? 

Are you ready to send in your Francis Francis machine for repair? Please go to our Service page to use the Repair Form. We will ask you a few questions about yourself and your machine, and when we receive your information, we will send out a work order number and further instructions about getting your machine sent in at your convenience.