The Brothers Spaccarelli

When Nathan Spaccarelli was a young boy in the 1980s, he and his brother Gabriel would ride around the neighborhood near his father’s Lake Oswego Italian restaurant and slip flyers in mailboxes on their bicycles. They advertised specialty Italian coffee drinks like “espresso” and “cappuccino” which defined for Americans these unknown Italian delights. Little did they know that thirty years later they would still be offering fine Italian coffee to northwest connoisseurs; although, on a much grander scale.

Nathan and Gabriel both grew up in their parents' Italian restaurant, working their way up from busboys and dishwashers to whatever was needed to keep things running smoothly. They worked hard and were well rewarded with trips to Italy. In 1986, on a family visit to Italy, the family was invited to the illy factory as Dr. Illy’s guests for several intense days of tours, study, company lunches, and tasting. These trips sparked their passion for the true Italian coffee experience.

More than a Business, A Family

Today, the family business continues to grow along with the passion and commitment to provide this piece of authentic Italian culture to discerning coffee drinkers in the Pacific Northwest.

In 1996, Nathan and his wife, Kathrin, launched the family business and became the exclusive illy coffee providers in the Portland area.

Distributing from their own home as illy agents and providing the necessary coffee equipment for their customers, the company quickly outgrew their home office location. The three Spaccarellis slowly began expanding their office size and product line to accommodate the growing demand for quality in the Portland area.

Growing into the Future

From that point forward, Sapori Fine Flavors continued to develop its product line to offer a complete range of accessories, gelato flavorings, tea, and coffee equipment while expanding into Washington, Alaska and Idaho in 2008. Our coffee family grows each year with more and more customers looking for excellence and authenticity.

“We recently tripled the size of our business, and without the expertise of Nathan and Gabe it would not have been possible. Discerning customers seek out the illy experience. Thank you again to Sapori.”


“During the process of setting up our coffee offerings, our sales representative Tyler was eager to provide us with options without a “hard sell”. He allowed the product to sell itself. He was generous with his time and with sample products, both of which were extremely helpful in our decision making process.”