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social responsibility“As the producer of the world’s premier coffee, illy has created a sustainable global system from bean to cup. We’re committed to brining you the highest quality coffee, while at the same time guaranteeing profits for growers, well-paid laborers and respect for the environment.” – Andrea Illy, CEO

Created by the family who perfected the espresso process, illy has been roasted in Trieste, Italy since 1933. Known throughout Italy as the world’s best espresso, Sapori Fine Flavors is pleased to bring illy’s distinctive taste, perfect flavor and aroma, and consistent quality to the Pacific Northwest. Since 1996 Sapori Fine Flavors has been the local independent distributor for illy coffee and has offered superior coffee and service to the Portland area cafes, restaurants, and hotels. We are a family-owned and operated company, employing Portland area residents with jobs ranging from sales, service, technical, and delivery with a focus on impacting the community around us.

Sapori Fine Flavors is proud to be partnered with such an earth-conscience and humanitarian company as illy. In the international market, illy is focused on sustainability and pays a premium price by buying direct from the farmers instead of from the commodity market. This allows them to direct the coffee quality and to give farmers an incentive to earn a higher price per pound by offering the best quality beans possible. At a time of record low prices in the coffee segment, the illy company pays its farmers up to 125% above standard.

The certifications illy has received reflect their commitment, from the Qualite France and EMAS to ISO 9001 and 14001. Other benchmarks include a guarantee of no chemical pesticide residues and no mycotoxins in the coffee they purchase.

So by partnering with Sapori Fine Flavors and illy coffee you can assure that your organization is investing in communities in a big way locally and around the world. Also, you are guaranteed that you will get the highest quality Arabica beans possible, resulting in the best cup of coffee available.

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