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The First Conference for Women in the World of Coffee  

March 31, 2015 



Daria Illy tells of the special relationship existing between women and the world of coffee.  The occasion is the first international conference that took place in Trieste at illycaffè headquarters, with the aim of creating a network between women coming from coffee-producing countries. 

Illycaffe CEO on Greece, new product

February 09, 2015

Illycaffe CEO Andrea Illy discusses the impact of Greece leaving the Europe, the state of business and the consumer and the company’s new coffee product. 



A Small Section of the World

November 2014


How many hands touch your morning coffee before you?  How many of those hands are women’s?

A Small Section of the World is a documentary film that tells the inspirational story about a group of women from a remote farming region of Costa Rica whose ideas sparked a revolution in the coffee growing world.

After a crisis, the men of the village left in search of work and the women came together to imagine a different future for themselves, their families and their community by building their own coffee mill. They are the first women’s run micro-mill in their country.

The film follows the impact of this remarkable story of perseverance as it touches lives around the globe and shows how these resourceful women overcame adversity to change the culture within their small section of the world. A story of passion and tenacity, A Small Section of the World is about women’s empowerment, the risky business of coffee and how a cup of coffee can transform lives.

Inspired by the story, multi-Grammy winner and the best selling female rock performer of all time, Alanis Morissette contributed an original anthem to the film, co-written with Costa Rican artist and Grammy winner Carlos Tapado Vargas.  Link to site

Famous Scientists: Ernesto Illy


October 2014

"Coffee geeks around the world who love their coffee will surely want to know about a man named Ernesto Illy. With the “Illy” name advertised in coffee shops all over the world, it pays to know more about the man behind the name and consider what he did for coffee. All over the world, some 5 million people enjoy Illy cups of coffee which are the fruits of this man’s passion for coffee and knowledge in chemistry."  Link to Article

Italian coffee company Illy expands in San Francisco

San Francisco Business Times

September 15, 2014


"Italian coffee purveyor Illy has big plans for the next couple years, and it’s starting with an expansion in San Francisco.

Opening in mid-November will be Illy’s third café and "... 

Link to article


Andrea Illy Talks Luxury and Coffee

August 29, 2014


Andrea Illy loves coffee — after all, it’s in his blood.  In 1994, Illy became chief executive officer of the espresso company founded, in 1933, by his grandfather Francesco Illy. Twenty years later, he still holds the position.  Link to article


illy's Espresso Revolution

Forbes December 10, 2013


"illy's quest to create the perfect coffee pushes for a different business model that invests heavily in technological and agricultural innovation."  Link to Article


Combine coffee and summer time!  "illy coffee time - Affogato al caffè illy"



“The Third Paradise” Art Collection Cup“The Third Paradise”


The new illy Art CollectionThe Third Paradise” is signed by Michelangelo Pistoletto, one of the most influential representative of the international artistic panorama, awarded with the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in 2003 at the Venice Biennial, together with Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella.

The new coffee cup, in limited and numbered edition, has been presented in Paris on April 25th, on the occasion of the new Espressamente illy Louvre Opéra boutique inauguration and to coincide with the “Year 1, Paradise on Earth” exhibition of which Pistoletto is  curator, open to the public from April 25 to September 2 at the Louvre Museum

“The Third Paradise”, a global project created by Michelangelo Pistoletto and Cittadellarte, is represented by a new infinity symbol, which aims at replacing the traditional one. The infinity line intersects twice, and therefore makes three circles. The two circles by the sides represent respectively the Earthly Paradise, ruled by the Nature’s intelligence, and the Artificial Paradise, developed by the human intelligence which in time has led to a dimension ruled by artificial needs and pleasures. In the artist’s mind, the Third Paradise is the core of this triad, and it conveys the notion of  responsible social transformation, a key ideal that joins in one pledge art, science, economics, spirituality, and politics.

This concept of the Third Paradise finds one of its expressions in this new illy Art Collection: the cup handles represent the Earthly Paradise and the Artificial Paradise, while the cup filled with coffee is the representation of the harmony generated by the Third Paradise.


10 Qs with… Carlo Bach of Illycaffè

Interior Design Magazine, April 9. 2013

Few global brands have ever created a hands-on impact in the art and design world such as that of family-owned coffee purveyor Illycaffè, based in Trieste, Italy. Recently voted one of the world’s most ethical companies by the Ethisphere Institute, Illy is known for its strong commitment to many facets of the art community, and has a presence at top art events.  Link to Article




illycaffè official partner of EXPO 2015 for the Coffee Cluster

March 6, 2013

illycaffè is the official partner of Expo 2015 and it takes charge of the content project and management, the exhibitions and the events associated with coffee in the Coffee Cluster common area. The announcement was made by Giuseppe Sala, Managing Director of EXPO 2015, and by Andrea Illy, CEO and Managing Director of illycaffè.

The World Expo of Milan – “Feeding the planet. Energy for life” - will give special visibility to traditions, creativity, and innovations in the food industry. The company’s proposal fits well into this context: it is a well-constructed program aimed at spreading the culture of coffee and its importance to the global social-economic system. illycaffè has been chosen for its holistic approach to this subject that will enhance the value of the participating guest countries, and make the partnership of different cultures a bit easier, in agreement with the Expo leading values.

The project originated from the synergy of know-how, knowledge and relationships that the company has gained over its eighty-year history. This exceptional heritage has resulted in illy being world-renown as the authority of the real Italian espresso. A deep knowledge of the world of coffee and of the producing countries; the pursuit of excellence; the trend of sustainable development; and the skill in creating cultural and art events are the main pillars of the program scheduled by illycaffè for the Coffee Cluster common area.

This will be the longest event ever to be dedicated to coffee.
Among the projects, a journey through the world of coffee through exhibition areas and a calendar packed with events open to all Expo Milan 2015 visitors: from popular meetings  to sample tastings, from focus groups to entertainment. In the common area Sebastião Salgado’s photography will be on display, as a special homage to people, traditions, and history of the coffee producing countries.

In order to enhance the ultimate espresso experience and amplify the aesthetic and tasting pleasure, a new collection of coffee cups dedicated to Expo 2015 will be launched at the Expo.


Orientation Day Master in Coffee Economics & Science "Ernesto Illy"

February 20, 2013


 CEO Andrea Illy on Illycaffe

February 8, 2013















   Andrea Illy, illycaffè:

Philosophy of mission, passion and obsession University of Cambridge Interview

December 19, 2012

One of the world’s leading coffee producers has been talking about the driving forces behind his family-owned business, which was created from a dream to offer the best coffee possible.  Link to Article

Sapori's Advanced Barista & Latte Art Training

October 30, 2012

Another successful Barista Training here at the Sapori warehouse with illy's Ed Panzella and Lori Eastes.  We had a great turnout and created some beautiful (and tasty!) drinks.  





 "coffee is... illy 26sec - 9° settimana"

September 26, 2012



 illy MonoArabica: Explore single origin coffees found in the illy blend

September 21, 2012 



 Coffee and Health:  An Interview with Caffeine  

Let’s start from the beginning. When were you born?

I have always existed, but it hasn’t always been easy to spot me. I have tried to hide, and I’m rather good at it, because I’m flavorless, with a hint of bitterness. In Germany, the first people to notice me were a poet, Goethe, and a young doctor, Runge, who exposed me in 1819.  Link to Article


 Microscopic View of Caffeine


Beautiful illy TV commercial - 2006

by Francis Ford Coppola




Illy coffee workshop pours it on - San Francisco Chronical 

July 30, 2012

When it comes to learning latte art, Giorgio Milo takes a Zen approach: Spill the milk, make a mess.  "The secret to pouring is you have to separate your brain from your hand," said Milos, the master barista for Illy, addressing a crowd  Link to Article 



Iced Coffee for Purists   

 June 29, 2012       

A master barista's guide to everything from caffe freddo to cold steeping and cold brewing—with an emphasis on proper technique and how to preserve true coffee flavor.   Link to Article 




Prescription for Living in an Unsustainable Era - by Andrea Illy

June 27, 2012


"Unfortunately, we are living in an era of global "triple unsustainability" — economic, social and environmental.  First, the global economy is on an unsustainable path. Like a plane, if the economy slows too much, it will stall and crash."  Link to Article





Preparing an Iced Latte with Giorgio Milos

June 21, 2012

Watch Master Barista Giorgio Milos and learn the two ways to prepare "Iced Latte", a refreshing way to enjoy your coffee during a hot summer day!





National Geographic : Megafactories - Illy Coffee

June 13, 2012




Barista Nation Success - Portland

April 17, 2012







Barista Nation: A Tribute to Dr. Ernesto Illy

Sapori Fine Flavors is proud to announce that illy Caffe

will be a host / sponsor for

Portland's Barista Nation on April 17th.

"little sips of happiness"




illy TV Spot - Live Happilly, Caffè illy @ Home



illy TV 2011 caffè illy: LIVE HAPPilly


Coming to Your Senses: How to Really Taste That Cup of Coffee - The Atlantic 

by Giorgio Milos

November 4, 2011


Enjoying coffee is more than just a matter of liquid meeting tongue. All five of your senses play a part, some in entirely surprising ways. Link to article


Andrea Illy in LIVE HAPPILY

October 21, 2011 


Illy's Master Barista's Coffee Rules

September 29, 2011

In Italy, barista is not a term that is thrown around casually, especially not at illycaffé.  Giorgio Milos, is not only Italian Barista Champion and faculty member at illy’s Università del Caffè, he’s also illy’s North American barista in residence here to show U.S. baristas the key to the perfect cup.  Link to Article




Andrea Illy, President and CEO of illycaffè Discusses the Galleria illy in London

Andrea Illy, President and CEO of illycaffè, discusses the Galleria illy in London which celebrates the worlds of art, design, literature and gastronomy.

September 13, 2011




Three Generations of the Illy Family Have Made The Pursuit of the Perfect Espresso Experience Their Life's Passion

July 2009 




America's Golden Age of Coffee: Remarkably Like Italy's Past -

The Atlantic  

by Giorgio Milos

when I shared my thoughts about next-wave American coffee."  Link to article



illy issimo :   How to Find It Near You    

Link *here* to find a retailer near you.


Iced Coffee for Purists -  The Atlantic

by Giorgio Milos 

June 7, 2011

A master barista's guide to everything from caffe fredo to cold steeping and cold brewing—with an emphasis on proper technique and how to preserve true coffee flavor  

Link to Article



Responsible Supply Chain Process:  illycaffè is the first company to obtain DNV new certification on sustainability

19 March 2011

illycaffè on Friday, March 19th, became the world’s first company to receive the Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Responsible Supply Chain Process certification, attesting to the company’s long-running sustainable approach to production and its relations with stakeholders throughout the production chain, particularly with green coffee suppliers.

The illycaffè model is innovative in assigning critical roles to quality and value creation.  The certification was officially conferred at illycaffè’s twentieth annual meeting in Brazil, recognizing suppliers for coffee production meeting the company’s industry-leading quality standards. Click here for more.


 Small pleasures series: Illy coffee

By Stefano Bergamasco

"With this post I start a series of articles dedicated to small pleasures that don’t delve into the deep meaning of life, but make life a bit better and more worth living …" Click Link     April 4, 2011

 Andrea Illy: The man behind a good cup of coffee

"What makes a niche brand of coffee so sustainable? INSEAD Knowledge meets CEO of illycaffè, Andrea Illy, to find out more about this business model with a difference."   Click link

Be sure to view this informative article and video of Andrea Illy about sustainabilty, quality, competition, and coffee's impact on human health.

March 23, 2011


The 20th Ernesto Illy Espresso Coffee Quality Award
Two decades of acknowledgement to the best Brazilian coffee producers

Carlos André Dognani is the winner of the 20th Ernesto Illy Coffee Quality Award for ‘Espresso’ and received an award in the amount of R$ 50 thousand for Timburi (SP).

The award ceremony, which commemorates its 20th year in the country...  click for more

 March 19, 2011

Five Steps to Italian Coffee By the "Casanova of Coffee" Himself:  illy's Master Barista  Giorgio Milos - The Feast 


February 2, 2011






National Coffee Break Day with Master Barista: Giorgio Milos of illycaffe

January 20, 2011

The National Coffee Association of U.S.A, Inc. is celebrating a century of service to the industry in 2011, and will kick off its Centennial year by setting aside January 20, 2011 as a day for a National Coffee Break Day!   Examiner's Home and Living couldn't find a better time to share an interview with Giorgio Milos, Master Barista for illycaffè.   Link to article


A New Era of Espresso Has Arrived.  

 Click here for a video on the secret of illy iperEspresso. 



Why Illycafe Doesn't Sell Fair Trade Coffee

BY Ariel Schwartz  November 29, 2010


The Fair Trade movement is beloved by socially conscious coffee connoisseurs, and for good reason--certification guarantees fair wages and labor conditions for farmers (coffee is purchased directly from growers for high prices); investments in community development; and sustainable farming practices. But Andrea Illy, CEO of illycaffè, doesn't use Fair Trade coffee beans in his business, despite a purported commitment to sustainability. Why not?....   Link to Article



illycaffe unveils Miss Illy: "Have a Foodie Holiday"

November 17, 2010

Pleated, pierced and crimped together just so, here comes the planet's newest diva: Miss Illy, famed Barneys New York creative director Simon Doonan's singular vision in illy espresso tins and foil, debuted November 16 in the Barneys New York holiday windows. Fresh and full-bodied as the primo Arabica she once so lovingly nurtured (her parts all fashionably recycled), Ms. Illy is the can't-miss vixen centerpiece of the iconic retailer's Madison Avenue flagship windows, themed "Have a Foodie Holiday" for 2010.







Illy - From Bean to Cup

October 28, 2010

The story of the illy coffee, from the bean to the cup.  And the secret of an espresso like no other ...





Illy Coffee is Rather like a Fine Wine   - Health News for the World.

October 6, 2010


Illy thinks of coffee rather like a fine wine… they describe the tasting experience as something that not only affects the palate, but the entire person through all the senses. They strive to create a consistent coffee ...." 

Link to Article



Twelve Questions for a Master Barista  - Cigar Aficionado

by Alejandro Benese, September 30, 2010

"While reporting the Good Life Guide story in the October Cigar Aficionado magazine about buying a home espresso machine, I had the opportunity to talk with Giorgio Milos, the master barista at illy, perhaps the world's preeminent producer of espresso. I was happy to find out that Milos...."  Link to Article


Coffee Mixology: A Primer - The Atlantic

September 8, 2010

Giorgio Milos, Master Barista for Trieste, Italy-based illycaffe, is traveling the U.S. throughout 2010, hosting illy Master Barista Series events at leading cafes and gourmet retailers.

"For the most part, I'm a coffee purist: black, no milk, no sugar. I appreciate a variety of preparation methods, but espresso is my favorite. By design, the interplay of pressure and heat extracts coffee's very best elements: its true essence."  Link to Article



Coffee's Mysterious Origins - The Atlantic

August 6, 2010 

Depending on whom you trust, coffee was discovered around the 13th century. Or the fifth century.   Link to Article



Passionate about Coffee - The Garden Corner

June 23, 2010

Nathan from illy coffee discusses some finer points of illy coffee after a training session at The Garden Corner with Jonn "J-Dog" Karsseboom.  Learn about the history and why illy tastes so good.






Fusion NW - "Making a Cappuccino" by Giorgio Milos at Chuck's Place, Artisti Del Gusto, in Lake Oswego, May 15, 2010






KOIN TV - Fusion NW

 "The Perfect Espresso" by Giorgio Milos at Chuck's Place, Artisti Del Gusto, in Lake Oswego, May 15, 2010 




"The link between Lake Oswego, Texas and Italy? Espresso, of course"

April 28, 2010 - There might not be another day that goes by where cities in Oregon, Texas and Italy have more in common than they did Tuesday.

That's the day when world-renowned Giorgio Milos, the Michael Jordan of the espresso world, sauntered into Chuck's Place, the namesake of locally-owned coffee shop of Amarillo, Texas native Chuck Ryan, with the support of Lake Oswego-based Sapori Fine Flavors, in Lake Oswego.  Read more


Illy's Giorgio Milos on Portland's KOIN TV's "Keep It Local" showcasing the "Nutellino"

April 27, 2010 - Watch Here



Illy Launches First “Artisti del Gusto” Café in Portland At Chuck’s  Place in Lake Oswego

April 19, 2010 - The Pacific Northwest, long recognized as the heart of the coffee culture in the United States, is about to get a taste of what the best espresso and coffee in Italy has to offer. Illycaffé is opening Portland’s first “Artisti del Gusto” café in Lake Oswego today, and it will feature the most authentic Italian coffee experience in the region.  Read More



Talking Espresso with Andrea Illy

February 25, 2010 - Clearing up common espresso myths with illy's CEO, Andrea Illy. 



Illy confronts Starbucks with low cost indy strategy

November 4, 2009 - IllyCaffè SpA may not have a company-owned store near you, but it's a good bet you know the company's coffee. Illy's espresso machines and coffee beans are available to purchase online at the company's website, on, and a wide variety of retail outlets. Its art-inspired cups are a favorite of Italiaphiles (a good friend whose husband is Milanese was my introduction to the designer series of tiny espresso cups and saucers). And, after three years of success in Italy, the company has expanded its Artisti del Gusto (Artist of Taste) certification to the U.S., with 28 shops around the country serving Illy coffee, and about 100 more planned by 2012.   Read More

2009 iPer espresso commercial, in Italian




"Make Perfect Espresso at Illy" by David Lebovitz

March 21, 2007 - When I told a friend that I was going to Italy to learn how to make coffee, she responded, "You just dump the coffee into a filter and pour water over it. What else do you need to do?" Well, since you asked, plenty.    Read at





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