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Just like you, we are locally based here in Portland, Oregon and love good food and drink.  For the past 15 years, our goal has been to upgrade the Northwest market's coffee to authentic Italian style roasts, blends, and preparation, by offering better coffee coupled with authentic Italian espresso training. 



Sustainable Coffee

Coffee Beans with FlowerBy committing to authentic Italian espresso parameters of only using seven grams of grounds per shot and extracting the full flavors out of those beans, we typically use 50 - 100% less coffee than average roasters to produce the same amount of coffee.   Keeping in mind that the average coffee tree only produces about one pound of roasted coffee per year, the authentic Italian method assures lower environmental impact – 50 - 100% less land, water, fertilizer, and manpower – to deliver the perfect morning latte.  

As no coffee is locally grown in the Pacific Northwest, having the most efficient coffee available is crucial to sustainability. 


Responsible Supply Chain Process

In March 2011, illycaffè became the world’s first company to receive the Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Responsible Supply Chain Process certification, attesting to the company’s long-running sustainable approach to production and its relations with stakeholders throughout the production chain, particularly with green coffee suppliers.

The illycaffè model is innovative in assigning critical roles to quality and value creation.  The certification was officially conferred at illycaffè’s twentieth annual meeting in Brazil, recognizing suppliers for coffee production meeting the company’s industry-leading quality standards. Click here for more.

Green Partnerships

Tea SachetBy partnering with family-owned companies like illy, two leaves and a bud tea, Dammann tea, Omanhene chocolate and Sattwa Chai who are committed to the highest quality available, we offer you premium products that are socially responsible, organic and earth conscious.

Sapori Fine Flavors is a family-owned and operated company, employing Portland area residents with jobs ranging from sales, service, technical, and delivery with a focus on impacting the community around us.


Authentically Italian

businessman drinking authentic Italian coffee

Do you crave espresso coffee like you were served on your last trip to Italy?   Do you want your customers to leave with the rich smooth flavor of great espresso still on their palate?   Are you looking to cut waste and improve your bottom line?  

We founded Sapori Fine Flavors 15 years ago because we realized that Portland was hungry for an authentic Italian espresso coffee experience and craved the expertise associated with preparing and serving it.  So, we partnered with illy, Italy’s finest coffee family, revered worldwide as the leader in the science of espresso, in blending, roasting, and extraction.

Since then, we have been the Northwest’s source for the finest in illy coffee, gourmet tea, coffee equipment and complementary products. Catering especially to discerning restaurants, cafes, hotels and offices, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality products and unparalleled expertise in the coffee field.

It is our mission to bring Italy to you!  Since 1996, Sapori Fine Flavors has been the local independent distributor for illy coffee and fine beverage products to cafes, restaurants, and hotels in the northwest.

To learn more about Sapori Fine Flavors or to schedule a complementary espresso tasting at our showroom, please call us at 503-699-6174 or contact via email.   Or, check out what's new in the coffee world!


Espresso Expertise & Training

Espresso Expertise

Sapori Fine Flavors works with our customers to offer beginning concept design layout and authentic Italian espresso training, and we continue with regularly scheduled checkups and promotional marketing. We pride ourselves on selling not just the beans but the technical training and authentic expertise needed to help our wholesale customers serve espresso coffee drinks just as they do in Italy.

Offering our customers knowledge from our 80 year combined background in the Northwest’s food and restaurant industry, Sapori Fine Flavors is confident that together we can insure your best chances of a successful coffee program for your café or restaurant.

Since 1996 Sapori Fine Flavors has been the local independent distributor for illy coffee and fine beverage products to cafes, restaurants, and hotels in the northwest, including Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Idaho. 

For more, see our "Education Center" or follow us on Twitter!

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